Synua is the entrance door that knows no limits: ideal for large sizes, it is the perfect combination of technology and design. It’s a pivot door with the ability to close flush with the outside or inside finished walls. The Synua can reach 2200mm in width and 3000mm in height but bigger sizes are available on request.

Choose from 100’s of finishes and 1000’s of colours across many different types of materials to cover these luxury security entrance doors with. If you can’t find what you are looking for just tell us what you would like to use to finish the door with. Zinc, Gold or salvaged timber nothing is out of bounds. All it takes is a feasibility discussion at headquarters before we can tell you how big we can produce the door with your chosen material. Thermal U-values from 1.6 W/m²k down to 1.0 W/m²K is also achievable with the Synua making it suitable for modern energy efficient home requirements. Even though you get a bespoke service in terms of design you can still rest assured that the door is CE marked, class 3 security rated and produced in a way that is sustainable and safe for the environment.

The opening and closing of the door take place by means of a vertical pivot, i.e. two pins placed at the ends, which are adjustable and concealed. The leaf, by turning on itself, allows a wider opening and greater brightness. The aluminium finish in brushed steel covers the frame and the door profile. No screw is visible, a special feature that guarantees a thorough cleaning and refined aesthetics. The pivot opening allows the perfect coplanarity between the door and the wall. Everything is integrated in the door leaf, including handle. In all versions, the cylinder external protection barrel (defender) is equipped with a manganese rotating ring. The defender and finish mask are made of stainless steel.