Garofoli Collection 50 modern luxury internal doors with hidden hinges and magnetic latches.

Milia is modern panelled doors in smooth paint finishes. Patio is contemporary grooved designs available in timber veneer, painted textured oak or smooth painted. Spenia is a modern version of shaker style in timber veneer, painted textured oak and smooth painted.

Innovative Design and Quality Craftsmanship

Garofoli is a company that prides itself on innovation, creativity, and quality craftsmanship. The Collection 50 series is a testament to these attributes. Each door is designed with hidden hinges and magnetic latches, creating a seamless and streamlined appearance. These features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the doors but also provide added durability and security.

Garofoli Collection 50 Milia Range

The Milia range offers sleek, modern panelled doors that are available in smooth paint finishes. The elegant designs are simple yet sophisticated. What sets these doors apart is their hidden hinges together with magnetic latches that make for an effortless opening and closing experience.

Garofoli Collection 50 Patio Range

The Patio range includes contemporary grooved designs that are available in various finishes such as timber veneer, painted textured oak or smooth painted surfaces. The grooves add an element of depth and texture, allowing these doors to stand out in any setting. With hidden hinges and magnetic latches, they offer an unparalleled level of sophistication.

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Garofoli Collection 50 Spenia Range

The Spenia range is a modern take on shaker-style doors that are available in timber veneer or painted textured oak finishes. The clean lines and understated elegance make them perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors. The hidden hinges coupled with magnetic latches provide a seamless appearance while also ensuring durability.

Customisation options

Apart from these three ranges, Garofoli Collection 50 offers customization options as well. You can choose from various finishes such as lacquer, metallic or satin coatings to make your door unique to your taste. Additionally, you can select different handles or knobs to further personalize your door.

Installation requirements

Installing these doors requires skill and expertise; therefore it’s recommended to seek professional assistance.¬†Therefore, Lakes Doors Architectural¬†has a team of experienced technicians who can install these doors for you with precision.


The Garofoli Collection 50 is a range of modern, luxury internal doors together with hidden hinges and magnetic latches. The three ranges; Milia, Patio, and Spenia offer a wide variety of designs, finishes, and textures that cater to different interior styles. With their innovative design coupled with quality craftsmanship, these doors can add sophistication and elegance to any space. Certainly, If you’re looking for bespoke internal doors that combine style and function, Garofoli Collection 50 is a great choice.¬†

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