Scrigno pocket doors are a premium cassette system for sliding doors that we use with our Garofoli doors.

Above all the benefit of Scrigno pocket doors is their space saving ability. Particularly in small rooms the pocket door comes into its own taking up no space in its operation. So as to be compatible with all architectural styles Scrigno make two versions of their cassette system; for architrave or architrave free.

Scrigno Gold & Essential Pocket Doors

Gold is the premium solution for pocket doors with architraves. Indeed Garofoli doors perfectly fit Scrigno pockets as all leafs, frames and architraves are prepared at the factory to work together. Furthermore Garofoli will provide off centre wall liners providing a neat finish no matter the wall thickness. Additionally all Garofoli ranges with architrave are suitable for Gold including: BiSystem, G-Like, Milia, Patio, Miraquadra, Gabilia and many more.

Essential is the pocket for doors without architrave. Moreover Essential gives a sleek frameless look for contemporary properties. In combination with Garofoli Filomuro hinged doors all doors in the property can be frameless. Likewise with Gold all Garofoli doors are factory prepared for Essential.

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