Luxury contemporary internal doors from Garofoli & Gidea, hand made in Italy

We have options for all types of contemporary doors with a vast range of timbers and finishes to choose from as well as aluminium doors, glass doors and bronze doors. Whatever style you require you’ll also be able to choose from full height doors, frameless doors and pocket doors.

If you’re an architect or working with one we can provide CAD drawings of our products to put in to your building plan to see how they work with your design.

Garofoli Fillomuro

The largest collection of flush-wall doors Today, Filomuro, our collection of doors that fit flush to the wall, can be adapted to the majority of models in the collections, even the more specific versions: sliding, hinged with two doors and even angled doors for roof spaces. Hidden frames, hidden hinges, floor to ceiling, flush handles…

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Garofoli Bi-System

Invent, design, live: the bywords for smarter solutions! BiSystem is a system of doors and partitions that you can use to redesign your home and invent new spaces. The BiSystem door panels are available in a variety of combinations: wood side and glass side; two wood sides; two glass sides, all offered in a wide…

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Gidea G-Like

Rigorous geometries for pure beauty interiors G-Like: glass doors with a rigorous design, minimal solutions for those seeking sober interiors with a bold impact. This makes G-Like interior doors by Gidea perfect for those seeking bright interiors and clean lines. It is a collection that offers both glass models, with ultra-slim profile in aluminium and…

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Garofoli Miraquadra

Classic shapes hide innovative solutions. Timeless elegance and perfect style Contemporary style has a classical heart. A new collection, designed to give a contemporary feel to every room. Perfect doors with a classical harmony, updated using a modern, versatile concept for those who like to care for every little detail. Delicate decorations and varnished finishes…

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Garofoli Gabilla

Looking to the future: strong character and attention to detail combine in gabilia Gabilia, a collection that joins functionality and attention to detail with the original combination of the two proposed finishes: open pore lacquer and glossy polyester lacquer finish. The original alternation between the two different surfaces on each door provides the models with…

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Garofoli E-Lode

Elegance is a vocation. The 110E Elode is designed to win your heart. A collection of solid wood doors distinguished by its excellence. A unique and exclusive product, the result of 40 years of passion, experience and master craftsmanship. A door in which traditional design is fused with the pinnacle of manufacturing technology and high-quality…

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Garofoli Dore

Dorè: classic furniture defines the atmosphere with an elegant alchemy of lines, decorative motifs and details With its new Dorè collection, the Garofoli Group gives its interpretation of a re-invented past in a strongly stylized collection realized with extraordinarily technological systems. The attention to detail and the continuous search for elegant, unique solutions are synthesized…

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