Make the garage door disappear altogether with L-Door. Developed and perfected in Belgium this product is second to none when it comes to making the door blend in with the cladding elements on your building. Guided by the type of project, you can choose between Puma line STX, Puma line STL and Nature Line STL, all with their own beautiful way of concealing the garage door.

The Puma Line offers you much more than a garage door, it is a total concept. Furthermore the sectional garage door forms an integral part of the facade and completely disappears into the whole element as soon as you close the door. The possibilities are endless.

A sleek concept in a smooth finish, that’s the Puma Line STX in a nutshell. Your sectional garage door disappears into the cladding alongside and above the door. To give your home a timeless look, we only work with renowned manufacturers like Trespa, Eternit, Rockpanel. We are always looking for new challenges in terms of integrating a garage door into facade cladding. Allow us to rise to yours.

By opting for the Puma Line STL, you get two renowned manufacturers for the price of one! Your garage door and surrounding facade can be clad with RENSON powder coated aluminium blades. Certainly as we take charge of the entire project, from advice to fitting, you are assured a perfect finish.

Nature Line STL, where a modern home combined with natural materials, like wood, exudes warmth. Consequently the facade can be clad in the same material as your sectional door, your garage door will be invisible and disappear into the whole element.

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