Tear down the barrier between outside and inside with the Oikos Nova full glass security pivot door. Invisible side element frames, beautiful door/handle colours to choose and the possibility of extreme sizes something very special can be created.

Oikos Nova – Product Overview

Extreme maximum sizes are available up to 6200mm high and 3200mm wide. Choose from a beautiful range of colours and finishes for your frames and handles. 80mm thick glass options allows this product to reach U-values from 1.04 W/m²k down to 0.98 W/m²K. Furthermore though you get a bespoke service in terms of design the door is CE marked and class 3 security rated.

Arkey electronic locking is a great addition to Oikos Nova pivot doors. First of all this extremely convenient feature allows the door to be unlocked via finger scanner, smart phone app, proximity card or keypad. Most noteworthy whenever the door is closed it automatically locks, giving the highest rate of security. To unlock the door and exit simply pull on the lever inside and the bolts retract.

Nova visually opens the spaces to the external world thanks to 12 colours. Likewise with materials and finishes chosen to guarantee the total integration of the front door with the surrounding landscape. This Nova allows to create outsize glazed entrances thanks to the nature of its building features. Due to its renewed pivoting opening mechanism and its steel supporting structure. With its new pivoting opening mechanism, Nova will provide your spaces with a greater light which means a bigger area to cross the threshold. Shutter, glass and handle become a unique element making the door homogeneous without any grooves and projections.

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