Silvelox Garage Doors

Unquestionably, Silvelox make the the world’s finest garage doors. Furthermore, they are a true luxury item. They are unlike any other doors available on the UK market. And are superior not just in aesthetics but in functional design also.

The brand has existed for over 60 years. Specifically manufacturing luxury doors.

There are two main types from Silvelox; Secur & Secur Plus and Securlap.

Secur & Secur Plus – The original Silvelox garage doors. Specifically these models are a single panel up and over door. Albeit very different to what you may think of as an up & over. Secur Plus is the high security version. Because the basic design has remained much the same the product is very mature and reliable.

Securlap – A trackless sectional door, ideal for garages with reduced depth.

All door types are available in a range of designs to suit all architectural styles. So whatever the design of your property there will be a Silvelox product to suit.

Regardless of the model, the doors come automated as standard. Moreover this is concealed with in the door frame. Although both versions are compatible with the W-Concept cladding system, only Secur and Secur Plus Silvelox garage doors have a flush transition between door and cladding.

A design trend we are seeing become more common is for supercar garages. Different from regular garages as they are specifically designed to display a vehicle. Generally these spaces will have turntables, luxury wall & floor finishes and reflective ceilings. Because Silvelox use no ceiling tracks on their doors, the high end finishing is not compromised.

A number of our projects have used Silvelox garage doors including: Dovewood, Forest Glades, Fawns Keep and White Lodge.

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