High View is a renovation of a modern property in Cheshire featuring our crittall doors.

The property is a recent purchase and full renovation in Cheshire. Every door in the house was replaced with Garofoli products.

One of the main features in the house is the crittall style screen in the main living space. Crittall doors have become very popular in Cheshire in recent years. ‘Crittall style’ refers to horizontal or vertical bars or elements overlaid on the glass. This is a Gidea G-Like sliding screen. The track is within the ceiling, allowing the doors to be full height. Different from many crittall style products, G-Like is extruded aluminium and not steel. Creating a much sharper and more refined look and feel. In addition, either side of the screen is Garofoli wall panelling. Also, Filomuro doors flush in the wall panelling, matching the wall panelling. These have black frames, matching the black elements of the crittall style screen.

Two further screen are in the leisure area of the basement. These are the very contemporary Garofoli BiGlass. In contrast to the crittall style, glass is on both sides of an aluminium profile. Rather than in the centre of it. Significantly, this makes the screen completely flush.

The general doors are Garofoli Collection 50 in matt white with 2 vertical grooves. They have plinth blocks to interface with the large skirtings, which also give a luxury feel. Certain doors such as the cinema, have an acoustic pack. This gains a significant increase in sound transmission reduction, approximately 40db. The master bedroom doors are in the same style and the Collection 50 doors. However, they are Oikos Tekno, a high security door, designed to look like the others. This creates a ‘panic room’ in the event of a break-in.

Elite Design Studio designed High View. They are based in Knutsford, Cheshire.

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