Welcome to the remarkable Silvelox Secur. These trackless insulated garage doors offer superior aesthetics, better performance and more security features than any other domestic garage door. You have almost complete freedom in the aesthetic design along with clever features like the built-in pedestrian door, trackless opening system and robust locking mechanism.

Insulated to achieve a U-value of 1.4W/m²K as standard with an option to improve the rating further helps to comply with modern energy efficiency guidelines.

Silvelox garage doors can be supplied in a wide range of different designs and aesthetics, in order to compliment the architecture of the building where they are required. Choose from more than 19 designs presented in the catalogue but it doesn’t end there. It’s possible to commission your own design into the door blade and you can even select your own material to finish the door in, all we need is the weigh per m² along with the size of the door to see how we would do it.

Each door is specifically produced according to customer’s requirements, and a wide range of designs, models, finishes, woods and colours is available to ensure the door complements sympathetically the property and its immediate surroundings. It is also possible to match the garage door with the entrance door in order to create a harmonic combination of colours and lines.

The extensive range of accessories enables the customers to choose further functionalities, like pedestrian door, motorisation, windows, ventilation grills, additional security features and the predisposition for the link to the alarm system.

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