Highclere is a renovation of of an apartment within a Victorian building.

Highclere – Project Overview

A private client built the South Manchester house in 1890. A developer in the 70’s converted the house into 3 apartments. This project is the renovation of the 1st floor apartment into a modern living space.

Internal Doors & Wall Panelling

The concept is that the doors should each designed and considered individually rather than a set of matching doors. Furthermore, it was important that most doors would harmonise with the rest of the interior design. Rather than be a feature in themselves. The exception to this is the large pivot door into the kitchen/living space.

Every door in Highclere is Garofoli Filomuro. Filomuro means ‘flush with wall’. They are Garofoli’s range of doors that have concealed aluminium frames. There is a mix of glass and aluminium doors and timber doors. As well as hinged and pivot types.

The glass doors in Highclere are Garofoli BiSystem. These have an aluminium perimeter with glass bonded to both sides. Indeed, the glass can be translucent or transparent as with the bathroom and kitchen/living, or it could be mirror. Such as with the bedroom door. Another option is back painted glass. In this case the glass would be a solid colour.

In multiple areas in Highclere we have used Garofoli’s contemporary wall panelling, which gives a luxury feel. Moreover the doors have continuity with the wall finish. Most of the panelling is in the Garofoli Grey Oak finish. Coupled with Dove Grey in the boot room and WC. The WC door itself is a Filomuro Bilico. Significantly, this 103mm thick door is flush with panelling on both sides of the wall. Whereas a typical Filomuro door is flush on only one side.

Abode Architecture designed Highclere renovation.

Swanshawe completed all construction and fit out of Highclere.

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