Garofoli Filomuro offers the largest collection of flush-wall doors. These contemporary door sets come in hinged, pivot and sliding versions. Furthermore Filomuro can be in painted finishes, timber finishes as well as glass or glass and aluminium.

Today, Filomuro, our collection of doors that fit flush to the wall are highly versatile. Every technical requirement has a solution. Even the more specific versions: sliding, hinged with two doors and even angled Garofoli doors for roof spaces. Concealed frames and hinges, floor to ceiling, flush handles and magnetic locks are but a few of the beautiful characteristics on offer in the Filomuro offering.

All the doors within this range have one thing in common: a hidden frame. Although there are many different types of frame they are all made from heavy gauge extruded aluminium. As a result our doors are not prone to problems such as plaster cracking that others’ can suffer from.

Planning is critical when choosing a frameless door set. Due to the frames getting plastered in at first fix stage. It’s often not possible to make changes down the line. For this reason it’s worth spending that extra time on deciding the type of door for each room carefully.

Indeed this is our most popular internal door range. Moreover no other door gives a more contemporary look and feel.

Our Sevendials, Antrobus New Hall Farm and Granville Park projects use Filomuro doors.

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