Granville Park is an installation of luxury doors in Liverpool. The project features an Oikos Tekno and Garofoli Filomuro doors.

Project Details – Luxury Doors Liverpool

Particularly special about this project is the careful restoration. Originally a single residence then a care home Garnville Park had suffered years of neglect. Regardless of this the current owners saw the potential of this grand property.

Added to the rear of the property is a large contemporary extension with leisure. Products and styles sympathetic to the original design have been chosen for the main house.

Entrance Door

Importantly a house of this size a requires large and strong looking door. Obviously the aesthetic design needed to be in keeping with the property. Oikos Tekno is able to tick both these boxes. As with all Oikos doors Tekno has a steel core and frame. Because of this it has superior performance for security and stability versus a traditional timber door. Added to the face of the steel core are the traditional timber panels. These have a deep matt black finish.

Above all security is a concern for many clients. For peace of mind all Oikos doors come with Class 3 high security locking from ISEO. Furthermore this particular door is fitted with Arkey electronic locking. Arkey gives ultimate security and convenience. Notably the door is fully locked when closed. To unlock simply use the lever handle inside. Key, security pin or key-card can be used for access from the outside.

Hidden Internal Doors

Two concealed Garofoli doors share the hallway with the Oikos entrance door. Expertly, they have been over clad to the clients design with an acoustic panel. Hence they are barely distinguishable as doors. Complimentary to the Arkey the Garofoli Filomuro doors have ISEO Libra smart cylinders. So as to allow access from the same key-cards as the front door uses.

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This project was built by Shawton, designed by Pye Design.