White Lodge is a luxury modern private residence property in Cheshire.

White Lodge – Project Details

This was a major extension, remodel and renovation to create a luxury home with everything. Lakes Doors Architectural had early involvement in the process. Consequently this became another of our full house projects where we were able to supply all doors to the property.

Internal Doors

Above all White Lodge has an eclectic style. Living walls, polished plaster, slate and green velvet give the house a sumptuous feel. Consequently the internal doors had to reflect this.

The client chose Garofoli Miraquadra 3B for the main of the doors in the house. Miraquadra gives a feeling a high quality and well engineered door set. Due to concealed hinges, draught seals and magnetic latches the doors operate with a satisfying feel.

In addition to the Miraquadra door sets there are also Gidea G Like doors and screens throughout the house. Certainly the most important of these are two large screens; one between the hallway and main living area the other between kitchen and pool area. Importantly; light passes though the rooms whilst physical division is maintained. Additional G-Like doors are use in the pool area, bar and dressing.

Additionally in the bar and cinema areas there is another door type. Classically designed, Garofoli Dore has pronounced mouldings. Complimentary to these sumptuous areas the doors are in dark blue. As with all the hinged doors on the ground floor, the Dore’s have Area 51 handles.

Finally, Garofoli Filomuro doors are in the sleek contemporary pool area. In contrast to Miraquadra & Dore, Filomuro blends in with its surroundings sitting flush with the wall. The door leaf is the only visible part. Due to the frame hidden in the wall. This gives a very clean aesthetic.

Garage Doors

The garages make up a large part of the front of this particular property. Furthermore they were an important aspect to the client. Indeed the central garage acts as a viewing gallery for the client’s supercar. The car sits proudly on a turntable, the stretch ceiling reflecting it’s image. Impressively, the glass wall allows the car to be viewed from the pool area. Silvelox make the worlds finest garage doors and are the obvious choice for this project. Moreover trackless operation gives a tidy, showroom feel. In addition to looking fantastic they have technical performance to match. Especially important to many people is security. Silvelox garage doors are Class 1 security as standard.

Complimentary to the garage doors are Silvelox external doors. Likewise with the garage doors they are in oak timber with walnut stain.

Like to see more? The client posts lots of fantastic photos of the house on their Instagram.