The Silvelox Securlap insulated door brings a clever technical solution when space inside or outside the garage is limited. A wide range of models and finishes from wood, to metal effect and even full glass panels are available. These trackless insulated garage doors offer more superior aesthetics. Furthermore better performance and more robust security capabilities than any other domestic garage door.

Securlap formally known as Overlap is the only timber sectional garage door, overhead door, without ceiling tracks. Furthermore without springs, with a double counterweight mechanism and the operator embedded in the head-bar. It is the ideal product to enhance the garage and allow space optimisation due to reduced internal dimensions.

This product is born from the commitment of Silvelox to combine technology and beauty for the residential market. It provides attention to the smallest details and an extensive customisation options. In contrast to the traditional sectional door that is born to meet the needs of commercial and industrial buildings. Securlap, like all Silvelox products, is a genuine Made in Italy example that embodies quality, design and technology.

Securlap is available in a wide range of models, spanning from traditional vertical line decorations to sophisticated geometric combinations. It is offered in different stains on various woods or lacquered in different RAL colours of your choice. The metal coated version is available in models DUO, EMI and SIX in various finishes and colours. Timber effect is also available.

As with all Silvelox garage doors Securlap looks particularly effective when coupled with W_Concept. Due to the architectural nature of the cladding system the garage door becomes a design element.

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