Looking for something different, something specific or something to make the garage door disappear? You have just discovered the right place where the garage door is not just another garage door, it’s an architectural element.

Silvelox Secur

Welcome to the remarkable Secur garage door by Silvelox. These trackless insulated garage doors offer superior aesthetics, better performance and more security features than any other domestic garage door. You have almost complete freedom in the aesthetic design along with clever features like the built-in pedestrian door, trackless opening system and robust locking mechanism. Insulated…

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Silvelox Securlap

The Securlap insulated sectional door brings a clever technical solution when space inside or outside the garage door is limited. A wide range of models and finishes from wood, to metal effect and even full glass panels are available. These trackless insulated garage doors offer more superior aesthetics, better performance and more robust security capabilities…

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Make the garage door disappear altogether with Ldoor. Developed and perfected in Belgium this product is second to none when it comes to making the door blend in with the cladding elements on your building. Guided by the type of project, you can choose between Puma line STX, Puma line STL and Nature Line STL,…

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