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Panic Room Doors

Panic room doors create the entrance to a secure room. However, this does not have to be an ugly space. Markedly our doors look as good as they perform. Thus being secure and luxurious.

Generally people don’t have specific panic rooms. Rather typical residential spaces that are more secure than the rest of the house. For instance the master bedroom. After all, this cuts out the time it takes to get to another room during a break-in.

A panic room door is a secure internal door. Moreover it creates a safe space in the event of a break-in. Our preferred door is Oikos Project. Specifically designed as an internal use security door. Oikos have a vast range of finishes to choose from. As well as the ability to match or create custom finishes. In addition to the aesthetic qualities, Oikos doors have strong security credentials. Class 3 as standard, enough to hold off a determined intruder.

Another key point of Oikos Project is electronic locking. Due to the popularity of home automation, this is a common option. Also, it has the great advantage of fully locking the door whenever it’s closed. Additionally, operation can be via finger print, key card or smartphone. All programmable with Oikos Arkey smartphone app.

Fire rated versions of panic room doors are possible. Because often they are required for building regulations. Or, sometimes they are chosen purely for piece of mind.

Particularly important is panic room doors can match your other general doors. Furthermore if you are buying Garofoli doors from us, Garofoli will make the faces to suit the panic door. Without doubt this gives great continuity. Alternatively Oikos can match your existing doors.

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Crittall Style Internal Doors
Internal Doors

Crittall Style Internal Doors

Gidea have released Crittall style internal doors into their G-Like range. Due to the popularity of the Crittall style of glazed door this is a trend we see lasting.

Crittall style refers to the placement of horizontal and/or vertical bars on glazed doors, screens and windows made from metal. The reason being Crittall Windows first made the style popular. Also steel style and industrial style describe this look of door or screen.

See a project using traditional Crittall

For Crittall style internal doors we always recommend the G-Like product. Because G-Like is extruded aluminium they make a very strong and rigid door leaf. Consequently the opening and closing of the door is of exceptional quality.

Most similar to the traditional Crittall style are the Cross and Line. As the name suggests Cross has lines that ‘cross’, Line has only horizontal lines. Furthermore, customised designs are available.

Likewise with all G-Like doors these new additions to the range are available as hinged, pocket and sliding versions. Particularly in sliding versions very large doors are possible – up to 1500mm X 2900mm. Even more impressive and on trend is sliding and static doors combined, creating room dividers.

Above all black is the most popular choice for industrial style internal doors. However other colours are becoming more requested. Specifically bronze is becoming much more requested. Gidea anodised bronze gives a luxurious feel making these doors feel even more special. In addition to black and bronze any RAL colour is possible.

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