Lakesdoors New Showroom

It’s happening! Work has commenced on the new showroom at Lakesdoors.

Already all the old show doors have been removed and the walls and supporting structures have been taken down.

The Old Showroom

Work has now commenced on the new steel structures that will be needed to support the fabulous doors that we are installing. In particular, the large luxury front doors from Oikos, Silvelox and Groke. In addition, Garofoli internal doors, garage doors from Garador, Silvelox, Delta and others will be a feature of the showroom. Also as part of the showroom will be a new office. The main use of this office will be for the service of our customers.

The old showroom removed. A part of the new steelwork can be seen. (The dust was created by floor preparation work.)

Work will progress rapidly now – I will keep you updated!

Our Showroom Premises

Lakesdoors and Garofoli

Lakesdoors are pleased to announce that we have a new supplier of internal doors. Garofoli are an Italian manufacturer whose doors have all the design flair and engineering excellence that Lakesdoors customers have come to expect.

Gaofoli Living
Garofoli flush frameless doors


Garofoli doors designs are grouped under four main headings: Design; Modern; Neo Classic; Classic. Each of these four groups then have sub groups. The result is that there are hundreds of designs from which to choose.

When you factor in the numerous materials and finishes which are also available to you, the choices are almost limitless.


Download the catalogue here and take a look for yourself at these amazing doors.

Please get in touch if you need any advice of further information.


Doors for a prestigious new property.

Edited Sevendials

The Cave Architecture and Design operate from Alderley Edge in Cheshire. They exclusively recommend Lakesdoors to their clients for all their Front, Garage and internal door requirements. So we were pleased to again be asked by them to help with this project in Cheshire.

The Brief

The front door was to be a very large pivot door, 1.4m wide x 2.7m high, (4’7″x 8’10”). Similarly, the garage door had to span 8m, almost double the width of  a standard double garage door, and be 2.25m high, (26′ x 7’6″). The internal doors were to be frameless and fit floor to ceiling. This meant that on the ground floor they would be 2.8m high, (9’2″), and on the first floor 2.5m (8’4″).

Meeting the Client

An initial meeting took place with the Clients and all the product options were put before them. Detailed discussion took place on types, styles, mechanisms and method of installation. Further meetings took place after the Clients had started to narrow down their choices. It was then possible for us to give cost indications. The final selections were then quite quickly agreed.

The Front Door

The front door was made by the Italian firm Oikos. The model was the Synua Ceramic. A pivot door, with the load carried on just one large ball bearing in the floor. Despite the size and weight it can be opened and closed effortlessly. As well as the beauty and aesthetics of the door, it is also immensely practical. It is very secure – as standard Class 3 level. It has an exceptional standard of insulation and sound proofing. Read more.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a large glass side panel at the side of the door. To ensure that this was stable and would not tremble when the door was used, we fabricated a heavy steel framework around the door solidly fixed to the building structure. This was then covered with a perfectly matching cladding supplied by Oikos

Garage Door


Lakes Doors have been supplying and installing garage doors for over 25 years. Even so, the choices of door that were available for us to supply for this project were very few. Teckentrup are manufacturers of both industrial and domestic garage doors. They can combine elements of both to supply a door they call the Supersize. This door uses industrial lifting gear combined with domestic door sections. This then gave us a door that was sufficiently strong, despite the size, but aesthetically in keeping with the remainder of the property. To complete the door, we fitted the Teckentrup direct drive industrial motor with the usual remote control systems that you would associate with a property such as this.

Internal Doors

These are again Italian and made by Pivato. The model is the Leggera. The frames for these doors were installed in the early stages of the building construction. They were then plastered in to completely hide them. The doors were fitted when the building was nearing completion. These doors have no jambs and blend into the walls beautifully.


The Result

Perhaps the most satisfying outcome from a project like this, for us at Lakesdoors, is when the Clients are appreciative of what we have done and thank us. The doors they had chosen were totally in keeping with the character of their home. The entire build including the work done by us was to the highest standard. The Site Manager controlled the project at all stages. This high standard resulted in a building of superb quality and distinction.