Silvelox Ritz Random

Homebuilding & Renovating Show – Harrogate – 2019

We are exhibiting with Silvelox luxury garage doors in Harrogate 1-3 November 2019 at Harrogate Convention Centre stand B439

We are partnering again with with Silvelox for the 2019 exhibition where we will be showing one of Silvelox’s luxury garage doors in Harrogate. The door this year will be a Secur Plus, the prestigious manufacturer’s top offering. Secur Plus is an upgraded version of their most popular and well known product Secur. The flagship model has all the high end features of the standard model such as an integrated motor without ceiling tracks, hidden pedestrian door and 85mm thick hardwood panels. Furthermore it has an improved insulation kit and Class 3 security which is what really sets the Secur Plus apart.

The style of the garage door is the Random design which features vertical strips of differing thicknesses. Certainly it’s styles like the Random that give this contemporary aesthetic that are currently the most popular. Due to this trend in 2019 Silvelox have released two new modern designs called Millerighe and Newman. Millerighe which translates to’thousand lines’ is made up of many small equally spaced horizontal or vertical strips. Similarly modern Newman has randomly spaced horizontal and vertical grooves. Constant innovation and commitment to design is what’s kept Silvelox as the world’s leading luxury garage door manufacturer.

Come and see our luxury garage doors in Harrogate at the Homebuilding & Renovating show. Like to make an appointment? Contact us